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shitest isp in australia
veridas is the shitest isp in Australia
by Slaphappy January 23, 2004
Usually being punished while Bending over a lap a couch a chair and being struck on the Buttocks a set or not set amount of times. This discipline is used to bring compliance to rules established and after other forms of discipline have failed. Some states in the U.S. Still allow its practice. While other have stopped in favor of either in or out of school suspension or detentions. The word can also be used with some sex play between willing adults. Which can establish development of a safe word when the spankie when things go to far. Such acts in this area is known as S&M.
Mom told me that when Dad gets home I'm going to to get my behind blistered with a good hard spankings. Maybe you will listen to me then!
by SlapHappy October 10, 2014

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