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The line of pubic hair leading from just over the belly button to the genitile area. Often on the male gender.
"Whoa, dude, did you see that girls happy trails?!" "Yeah dude, that's gross,"

The hot model fingered the guys happy trails to get him horny.
by Keith101010 January 27, 2006
A female whose boobs are so big that she could use them as a tray to hold a cup, bottle, etc. Not necessarily big, but usually, and parallel to the ground...
"She has a Boob Tray,"
by Keith101010 April 15, 2006
1) Action Words

2) A slang term for boobs
1) Teacher: "Jimmy, use your verbs,"

2) Jimmy: "Your verbs are BIG!"
by Keith101010 April 15, 2006

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