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whore slut skank taker overer fag loves to make fun of her friends and say she hates them and pretend she loves them
did you see that vench shes such a slut!
by nononon he he ha February 05, 2009
The abbreviation for the adventure. Adventures in this use consists of lots of boys, few vehicles, very little money, late-morning hours, and zero ladies involved. Often taken to the local DnD in order to recieve dones, coff, or the other various sips and munch they serve.
1. Anyone down for a vench? I'm in the mood for some dones.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
"vench" has the same meaning as "wench" but vench is to be used less than the word wench.
by rabid monkey September 07, 2003
a mother fucking with an identity crisis... who loves to play with d mother fuckin' Counter Strike!!!
That's a whole of a vench...
by jygxs November 06, 2003
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