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When banging a chick (missionary or doggy style only) proceed to reach under the bed and pull out your 6' (5' minimum) angry iguana. Using the giant meaty tail, proceed to whip her in the face or back (doggy style only) causing lacerations only to be commonly associated with that of an attack of a Velociraptor.
I was banging this chick the other night and she was getting into it with her fingernails. Upon drawing blood, i pulled the trigger...........and gave her a Velociraptor
by Rez90 October 08, 2008
18 20
Originating in the west area of Broward county Florida, a term used to describe a guy who goes after a friends girlfriend either before or after the friend's relationship ends.
"I remember the first time Royce called Frank velociraptor"

"Mike is going out with Amy? She was goin out with his best friend wasn't she? I didn't know Mike was a velociraptor."
by JDM Jeff December 15, 2008
9 12
A gay man disguised as a straight man.
Hey amy, that guy is surely a velociraptor!
by velociraptor love February 15, 2010
2 8
The nickname generally used for habergham. often referred to as v-loid, velociraptor, v-face, v-a-tron, sweatatron
Velociraptor, are you coming out tonight?
by Longnose January 30, 2008
1 17