An intermediate erection either in response to a stimulus, or reduction from full arousal. Not quite a boner but hopeful in nature. Most commonly the result of a lap dance from an unexperienced/unattractive exotic dancer.
Due to her lack of large breasts, seeing Sara naked will probably only give me a veiner.
by Sonofgargoyle August 01, 2010
Top Definition
a penis with a large number of veins
was it smooth or was it a veiner?
by L. J. April 27, 2008
The misunderstood and misinterpreted slang of beaners. christopher Thomas and Matt Damon's interpretation that is.
christopher Thomas - Hey, wasn't it funny when the amazing racist drove those veiners to the immigration department?
Matt Damon - Hell yeah it was hell funny watchin those veiners run. Teehheee.
Everyone else present - You guys are not of the straight persuasion are you, it's beaners fuckheads!
Everyone else present - hahhahhahhhahh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahh hhahhahhha, fags.
by Dave Olliver March 23, 2007
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