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The most BAD ASS compact performance utility vehicle EVER !!! Bar none, & don't forget it!
jeep owner: Holy crap, that VehiCross just broke the laws of physics...THAT'S BADASS!
by DaDubstr November 04, 2007
1.) Contrary to the original 'definition': VehiCROSS owners are not all gay... some are homosexual, some are heterosexual, some are asexual, some are bisexual, and some are even omnisexual, autosexual, transexual, or intersexual. Metrosexuality and/or retrosexuality and/or ubersexuality and/or fauxmosexuality and/or pomosexuality and/or montisexuality could apply to any of these 'labels' in varying degrees as well. Overall though, I would say VehiCROSS owners, as a whole, are pansexuals (adjective). The VehiCROSS itself, however, is nonsexual.

2.) The VehiCROSS (VX) was only imported to 'The States by Isuzu during three years - 1999, 2000, 2001. But the concept prototype was unveiled in 1994. Roughly 4000 units exist in America today. AWD TOD drivetrain behind a 3.5L V6 motor moves the VX handily. Two-tone leather Recaro seats keep the occupants comfortable. A rally-inspired stiff suspension under the 92" wheelbase creates a great handling SUV, on road and off. The VX earned the acronym "PUV" for Performance Utility Vehicle - it was the 1st and last of its kind in a truck-based platform.
Curious Passer-by: "What kind of car is that?!"
Owner: "It's an Isuzu VehiCROSS."
Enlightened Passer-by: "I've never seen one before!"
Owner: "Well they are rare so find one now, because all the parts are getting harder and harder to find!"
Dejected Passer-by: "Oh that's too bad."
Owner: "Say, you are pretty cute, would you like to go out sometime? The back seat of the VehiCROSS folds down into a bed. Only a few people in the world have made love in a VehiCROSS."
Curious Passer-by: "Hmm... well, if I can't own one..."
by The UNchosen One November 04, 2007
The best most amazing PUV made buy Isuzu. It has the TOD system in it. The out side is smooth and slick, has 2 doors with a snake front look to it in the front, with recoro seat and 2 tone leather. it looks like a moon rover or something from the future. Was first introduced in Japan in 1993 and came out n production in 1997, and in 1999 it was introduced to the USA and produced till 2001. There is no other like it in the world and probley will never be another like it. it's also known as the VX.
I drove My Vehicross across counrty and back.

Every 1 keeps askng me, What is it, and is it a new Modal?
No, its a 1999-2001 Isuzu Vehicross.
an ugly car, that looks like a mix between and suv and a pontiac grand am it's pretty much gay
my dad was drving a vehiCROSS and he's gay
by foose July 04, 2006
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