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Term that describes a very attractive female, comes from the incorrect spelling of vagina (vegina). Noun-veg or veggie, plural-veggies.
I was walking on campus, and I saw Lisa, she one sweet veg.
Dude check out all those chicks walkin, it's like a veggie stampede!

by Killa the Thrilla June 01, 2007
a vegetarian person.
Dammit, man- I was going to have a barbeque but all my friends went veggie.
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
a wedgie in a woman's jewels

Vagina + Wedgie = veggie
these pants are tight, they are giving me a veggie
by Seattle Goob May 04, 2008
When a woman has a wedgie, but in the front.
SHE: "Ooh, this is uncomfortable; I have a wedgie up here." HE: "Baby? Damn baby, you got a veggie!"
by nnane July 16, 2008
The vagina wedgie. The full frontal, camel toe inducing wedgie.
These new boy shorts keep giving me a veggie.
by youboyslikemexico? July 09, 2014
a vaginal wedgie from hell
eric-yo that chicks pants are in her vag

matt-ya dude thats called a Veggie bitch has a vagina wedgie
by SB90 January 18, 2011
when a female has an intense camel toe therefore making it look like a weggie in the front.
Those ladies pants are pulled up a little to high because she has a bad veggie.
by madre<3 July 02, 2010
Otherwise known as a front wedgie or vaginal wedgie. This is where the panties (usually something skimpy like a thong), is shoved between the "lips" or labia of the vagina
Oh my god! Let me hide behind you so I can pull out this veggie!
by mean mama October 17, 2010