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Prefering partners with vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.
I could never kiss a carnivor, I'm vegesexual.
by l337iNQ August 03, 2007
A vegan or vegetarian who refuses to have sex with a meat-eating partner on the principle that sexual intercourse is the physical and spiritual bonding of two bodies, and would thus make both people omnivores in spirit, or could result in the exchanging of bodily fluids that may contain animal products.
I couldn't have sex with him; the fact that he ate meat conflicted with my vegesexual beliefs.
by Meghan B. December 14, 2007
someone who prefers the skinny look, as opposed to the meaty look, in a partner; inspired by the term metrosexual
I think Calista Flockhart has a great body- I'm a vegesexual.
by Shaquanda July 01, 2004