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a person who does not eat meat, except they eat seafood.
Like a vegetarian, a vegaquarian does not eat meat only they don't recognise that sea animals have feelings too and eat them.
by Electronica_Monica January 13, 2006
A person who does not eat meat, with the exception of fish.
Host: Does anyone have any special dietary requirements?

Vegaquarian: I'm okay, as long as there's fish.
by The Packrat January 03, 2009
A vegaquarian is someone that has decided to eat only vegetables, grains, dairy products and fish as part of a lifestyle decision. This may or may not have anything to do with animal's feelings or the environment.
1)'re a vegetarian right?
2) Nah I'm a vegaquarian.
1) What?
2) Like a vegetarian but I eat fish.
1) Oh cool. Right on.
by funky_ham September 12, 2007
A vegetarian person who eats fish.
A vegetarian or vegan in all ways except for seafood consumption.
This is a healthy lifestyle, because you are getting the omega 3's of fish and none of the hormones, fats, and just plain evils of meats.
Vegaquarian people are cool.
by spacewolf March 02, 2008
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