A very blubbery annoying thing, rather an it.
Peter is a veeb because he's squeebing. (See "Squeeb")
by Another guy named John October 18, 2003
Top Definition
Originally used in ancient Chinese as an insult that could mean anything. Over the years it began to mean Asians that looked white. The primary family, and the first to be Veebuses were the Pongracz's. Soon they grew a new body part. This became known as the veeb. Nobody has found it, or has any clue what it does. Other than the function to give off whale pheromones attracting them to land and killing them. Since the veeb the whale population has shrunk three fold.
Liam, please refrain from gyrating your veeb near my face. It is attracting the whales.

Mrs . Daniels shouted across the room "Liam, stop rubbing your veeb!"
by veeb mongler May 29, 2014
A slang word that volleyball players use to refer to volleyball.
Hey, just got back from veebs.
Veebs is life.
by overkill12 March 05, 2015
An evil or vile person or thing
He is a veeb!!!!!
by A guy named John October 15, 2003
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