Valentines Day <3
I want to wish every a Happy V.D.
by T.J. Dubz February 13, 2010
The non-literal destruction of the vagina or vaginas via sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Destruction, Devastation, Demolition, etc.
Brent: Dude, I've fucked so many chicks since I got back to school.
Connor: Nice bro, VD to the max.
by BSDP August 30, 2010
Victory Drinker: a man/woman who enjoys drinking from a can in short spurts.
-Eric: "Ey, check out that creeper over there!"
-Justin: "Oh snap! thats a hardcore VD right there!"
by TheVictoryDrinker September 20, 2010
A VD (or Victory Dump) is the discharge of doo doo batter after a successful run or strenuous workout.
Brody: I just took the gnarliest VD after finishing my 5K.

Chad: I'm gonna do sit-ups until I poop myself!
by Erroneous Ron February 10, 2010
its a std, thats it
that biatch has vd
by Bill January 01, 2003
Verbal Diarrhea -- When someone rambles on and on.
Kind of like when you have the runs and poo out tons. Except in this case, you have tons of words that come out from your mouth.
Jenny has VD. She wrote a 200 page essay on why Canada is better than the States.
by sexiiZayna December 07, 2007
Vaginal Discharge
by Mam July 23, 2003

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