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2 completely different articals of clothing.

1: Womens underwear. Very thin, pretty, smexy, underwear that men enjoy very much to look at, take off, and possible try on why his girlfriend is not home.

2: Sandles. The things you were on your feet, the ones with the annoying stub that goes in between your toes.
Veronica: I wore this thong the other day for Jeff, it was so pretty and lacy and pink....it drove him crazy.

Mom: Honey, why dont you go out and buy you some new thongs....it looks like you need some.
Daughter: .......
Mom: Ohh hee hee, I mean why dont you go out and buy you some new flip-flops....whoopsie.
Daughter: .......
by Rackal June 25, 2009
Short for Valentine's Day. Usually sent to your sweetheart that you have had sexual intercourse with.
"Happy VD, I hope you didnt get it from me."
by Rackal July 19, 2008
A peice of shit vehicle that:

1: Boys think will help them get laid.

2: Sounds like a pissed of Bumble Bee.

3. Is fucking useless in what the kids nowadays call "races".

4: Boys think they know what there doing under the hood of it but fuck up and dont know how to fix it.

5: Boys think that working on the body of it counts as actually "working" on it.

6: People think that they are apart of the 'Need For Speed' scene.
*Rice Burner rolls by*

Damn...my weedeater sounds better than that.
by Rackal June 26, 2009
To be a strong motherfucker, and pushing someone into next week.
"I way layed that mother fucker."
by Rackal July 16, 2008
The redneck way of saying "Not at all."

Pronounced: Not-all

Not to be confused with "No he is not tall."
"Hey Billybobfrank, would you minded if I used your truck tonight, I got a date."

"Notal. Heres them keys."
by Rackal August 27, 2008
1: Some nasty shit that is supposedly "Ham" in a can.
Was eaten alot in WWII and is known as a delicacy in Hawaii.
Boy 1: Dude....what is that!?!

Boy 2: Spam....Ham in a can.

Boy 1: Ive never seen a square chunk of ham....ew.
by Rackal June 26, 2009
When a white person is in the middle of a bunch of black people.
"It was black biker week and I was in the middle of it...I felt like such an Oreo."
by Rackal July 19, 2008
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