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A cd with a movie on it. Like a DVD, except worse. More like a VHS. Except it's a CD and can play on a DVD player.
Don't buy VCD's in Maylasia or Singapore, they are most likely either bootlegged or censored.
by horror_blood November 29, 2003
VCD stands for Video CD which is Video Compact Disk. It contains movies.
what movie is on that vcd?
by <(( ^_^ ))> August 01, 2003
Vaginal Cleansing Device.
"Don't listen to him. He's a total VCD."
#douche-bag #douche #vagina #cleaning #device
by Becca Recka January 10, 2010
Virgin Club Dropout
I am a recent vCd.
Antonym: I rock the V.
#virgin #club #drop out #sex #vagina
by Jordan McD July 10, 2008
Visual Communication Design
I am a VCD major at Purdue University
#graphic design #graphic art #visual media #corporate identity #color theory
by nothingbutsong December 22, 2005
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