We have this saying around these parts and we thought that it would be nice to share this with our funny word-loving friends. It's called "varking", and it's a verb.
To vark. First, a little history: there was a very famous dog around here a year or so ago that liked to sniff around alot, and when she did, she looked just like an aardvark. She would poke and sniff for hours in this aardvark position, and we started calling this action "aardvarking" and later shortened it to "varking". So if you ever find yourself walking around, looking at something here and some other thing there or not really anything much at all...well you can say that you are varking!
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
Top Definition
An uncicumcised penis.
Ur mom told me that BJ is a vark.
by Burn my legs June 07, 2005
When someone has curly hair and it makes their head look fat
Dood, check out that guys vark lol, lets give him abuse

That dude is so varkular

He suffers from varkulosis
by deetothemuthhafukincee October 18, 2011
Another word for vagina.
Hey Sandy, that's a nice vark you've got there.
by KiBeCh January 28, 2009
short for aardvark (a piglike animal of African origin belonging to the order Tubulidentata).
Varks are anteaters.
by uttam maharjan August 11, 2010
when someone has a blond moment or brain fart; also accompanied by the "vark scale" (see "vark scale")
"Man that was so dumb. That was like a 10 on the vark scale"
by Mr. Martin's 1st period March 28, 2009
A vark (pronounced fark, or farkuh for the plural varke) is a person who drives like a maniac, belches, farts or swears loudly in public, picks on the little guys (if you catch my drift) or beats his girlfriend. There are lots of similarities between varke and townies, but they aren't as distinctive in clothing as townies are, which makes them so much scarier. The literal meaning of vark is pig. Varke could be anybody, even your next-door neighbour, or your brother in jail.
*After a belch* "Sies jou vark!" (Shame on you, you vark!)
Die donnerse vark het sopas voor my ingedruk in die tou! (The damn vark just jumped the queue in front of me!)
by Kobus November 11, 2005
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