'Vanquish' means to be a genius. It can be used to describe a "noob" or a "hacker" in counter-strike. 'Vanquish' also means that girls follow you around everywhere.
OMG! All you get are headshots! What a vanquish!
Man I have like 20 girlfriends. I am so vanquish.
by JYoo April 14, 2005
Top Definition
to get rid of, or destroy someone or something forever
The challengers must try and vanquish their opponent to win the match.
by akain November 11, 2007
The sexiest car that is around period. It is of the Aston Martin variety, costing around 200,000 dollars.
Good heavens! Is that an Aston Martin Vanquish driving behind me? ::heart attack::
by shepherd of pervs February 03, 2004
Redux, nobody who owns a Vanquish would waste their time posting on this site.
Get a life.
by Arto Saari March 09, 2004
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