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Zenab was originated in New Jersey. It means super cool and not jank. It also means athletic, smart, beautiful, funny, and musically talented. It can be used as either a noun or an adjective.
Wow that girl is so zenab!
She makes me smile so much, what a zenab!
by JYoo April 14, 2005
'Vanquish' means to be a genius. It can be used to describe a "noob" or a "hacker" in counter-strike. 'Vanquish' also means that girls follow you around everywhere.
OMG! All you get are headshots! What a vanquish!
Man I have like 20 girlfriends. I am so vanquish.
by JYoo April 14, 2005
"Maj" originated in Bensalem, PA. It can be used as a noun or an adjective. It means that you are an arabian girl who loves to smoke hooka. It means both cool and jank at the same time. It means that you live with an asian and braceface.
Man that girl is so awesome! She's so maj.
Wow this is such good...it's a maj!
by JYoo April 17, 2005

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