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Taking a long ride in a van.
Janitor: Do you like vanning?
Molly Clock: I don't know what that is.
Janitor: Sort of like taking a long drive in a car... except in a van.
Molly Clock: ...still not getting it
by Douglas Young October 26, 2007
noun. the act of creeping in a van, preferably one that is shady in some way, such as a rusty license plate or missing door handle. see also: chinese fire drill.
We're going vanning tonight.

Who are you vanning on?
by whitegirlass15 September 20, 2009
the art of intense fucking
when i get married my whole house will have many rooms devoted to vanning
by hardXcore vanna August 09, 2006
To have a meat head bailiff repossess your property.
Ray Fallon: You're gonna get a good vanning at the weekend.
by Cedric_2006 January 15, 2006
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