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One Caucasian male ejaculates on another Caucasian person's stomach and then lays on them forming an Oreo.
Yo Tom I gave Pam the Vanilla Oreo last night.
by Lickmysacksteve September 23, 2014
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a derogatory term used in referring to the child of a Hispanic and a black person
Dam that is one fine ass vanilla oreo, she needs to back that bojangle up!!
by Confused oreo2 July 28, 2010
When a skinny white boy dates a white girl who is twice his size
Chris- "Did you hear about Matt and Rachel?"
Brad- "No! Did they make a Vanilla Oreo?
Chris- "Yes"
by thenuggetbaby January 11, 2015
threesome with two white guys on the outside and a white girl in the middle.
yo dude that was some hot cream in our vanilla oreo last night
by tootsie pop April 23, 2007

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