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A term that is used to describe a black person who acts with white mannerisms, often these individuals are very unsatisfied with their black heritage and strongly desire to be white. The origin of the term comes from the combination of vanilla and nigga.
Vanigga: Hey guys, can we please go shop at J. Crew this weekend it would be a total blast! Then after that we should go eat at Cracker Barrell it would be a swell time!
Non Vanigga: Dude no one wants to hang out with your vanigga ass you are lame as hell you are as dark as charcoal but you act as white as an egg.
by Crystal K May 04, 2008
A thick, white bitch, usually at some stanky East-end club, with so much booty she's like a vanilla shake -- creamy, smooth, thick.
"Daaaamn, Jethro, your date is fine. She be like a vanigga shake"
by pe@sh November 01, 2003
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