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any of several epiphytic orchids of the genus Vanda, of tropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere, having large white, lilac, blue, or greenish flowers.
some orchids used in hawaiian leis are vandas.
by jowanna tatu June 29, 2008
Selfless to no end. A woman who sacrifices all for the welfare of others. Dark-skinned and beautiful, even if she's not what the world would consider to be a model. A natural mother who flocks to those she considers her children and tends to their needs without a second thought. A flower that blooms in the midst of adversity, she is a true gem of a friend and as loyal a protector as they come.
There's no better friend than a Vanda.
by Jerial the Wanderer November 10, 2015
A lil lemon head that is hilarious and is absolutely petrified of water, an outright shopaholic and maniac for shoes... Obviously of Asian Descent due to the exotic name and whos name can only reflect their beauty. Probably has a dog that smells like doritos in which she talks to like a real person. A smart yet quirky individual.
person 1: hey! check that chick out!

person 2: dude... she's a Vanda for sure... look at her smell her dog!

person 1: haha yea man... a Vanda for sure
by Deeeeeevin April 08, 2011
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