A sexual act in which a man engages in intercourse with his mesntruating lady friend, then proceeds to dunk his bloodied scrotum into her eagerly waiting wide-open mouth.
Seeking revenge for his lady friend tricking him into period sex, Matt pulled out mid-stroke and rewarded her with a sticky vampire tea bag.
by Ryjamin September 04, 2012
Another name for a tampon, specifically a bloody one.
I was taking a whiz, and I'll be damned if I didn't see one of her vampire teabags in the trash.


Here's what was clogging the toilet, one of your vampire teabags.
by MTalos August 15, 2003
A tampon, new or used.
(1) Count Dracula and Barnabas Collins got together for tea. Wrenfelt brought them an assortment of vampire tea bags. Suddenly Blade, Buffy and Van Helsing jumped out of the bushes and slaughtered them!

(2)SALLY: Damn! I'm all out of tampons.
SHARON: Here, here's a couple of vampire tea bags for ya.
SALLY: Thanks a lot, I sure owe you one!
by Dr. Peter Poppinhyman May 06, 2006
A male or female Twilight fanatic performing cunnilingus upon a female that is menstrating, pulling out the female's used tampon with their teeth, squeezing the blood out by biting the tampon with their canine teeth, and drinking the nectar that is extracted. This lessens vampire-related attacks, and sustains the viable fuel vampires rely upon.
I sucked a Vampire Teabag last night, my blood lust should be satiated for about a week.
by Naguine November 17, 2010
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