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1. A bloke who racks up a number of notches on his bedpost by picking up rough looking birds in nightclubs on student nights. (Vampire because he preys on girls out at night, slayer because he 'slays' them with his mighty weapon).

2. Someone who kills vampires.
Eddy: "Cor blimey, Dan brought another girl home from the student night!"
James: "I know, he's a real vampire slayer!"

James Woods, Kristy Swanson and Van Helsing all killed vampires, making them vampire slayers
by Jamie Douglas January 19, 2007
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The greatest Half Life mod in existence.
Let's go play some Vampire Slayer.
by GothMongler September 27, 2007
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When a man inserts his member into an electric sharpener, then repeats to stab his now sharpened wang into the girls heart while wearing a garlic neclace.
Hey did you hear Mike gave Julia the Vampire Slayer last night... Yah shes dead.
by Buffy The Vampire Slayer January 15, 2010
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Where you grab yourself a toothpick and to the unspeakable by shoving down your man pipe and jizzing so it shoots out and stabs someone
Sheila: AHH MY EYE

John: HAHA Ricky pulled a vampire slayer and got 'er in the eye
by Izmo March 16, 2008
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