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To get ready for a night out using heavy make-up for a stunning effect.
She's vamping it up tonight!
by Ruthms October 30, 2010
184 343
In music, vamping is the repeated use of a phrase through an entire song or the improvisation on top of a repeated phrase through a song. Looping, samples and grooves are all examples of vamping, as is almost all popular music with repeated chord progressions. It is not a negative attribute, but implies building on top of a groove to create a song.
The keyboardist used extensive vamping to create an intricate song based on a funk groove.
by RadiationVibe August 02, 2009
906 301
To stay up all night, like a vampire would because once the sun comes up they turn to dust.
Fuck sleeping, lets go vamping!
by smanginlang August 23, 2012
512 305
1. A sexual manuever which entails the eating out of a female while she is menstrating

2. A sexual manuever which entails a female slicing a part of the male's penis in order to suck the blood out of the cut during climax
"There's no blood in my cock! That bitch was vamping me hard!"
by Murky Weather August 15, 2007
93 146
To stall for time with flourish.
Are you vamping for time?
by Jennawae February 04, 2010
208 323
A word of the 60's and 70's used for the heavy assault on a person done by the police, usually during a political event or rally.
The vamping at that rally was brutal, they covered all the bases: clubbing, shoving, dragging, gassing, and even buckshot.
by Master of Chaos August 09, 2007
145 324
A mild form of foreplay in which lovers or boyfriends and girlfriends bite eachother in a playful way, usually on the neck or shoulder.
Girl: "You know i've always wanted to try vamping"
Guy: "Alright"*bites girl on neck*
by Jones4Life October 17, 2007
116 299