Vamp is a style particularily similer to goth.
Yes, vamp is short for vampire, but obviously, as humans we cant be dead and living at the same time, nor be immortal.

Vamps usually have an interest in large chains (such as ones used to hold down trees) and very heavy clothing, usually consisting of chains. (also a gothic style)

Some, but not all vamps enjoy the taste of blood, maybe from biting their lip, or licking blood off of a reopened cut or scab, it's not really nasty, probably just a bad habbit.

Vamps are NOT (or rarely) gay... and people who say they are can kiss my ass.
Your regular weight without clothes on 140 lbs
Your weight after putting traditional vamp clothes on: 150 lbs
by Krayse September 15, 2006
See: goth, gothic fucks.
Let's go downtown and beat up some vamps!
by Lockesly March 15, 2004
script kiddie
by lamb-chop January 26, 2003
Something amazing (the new fierce)
"Dude that was vamp!"
"omg your shirt is vamp!"
by louie234 August 17, 2008
Vampire, also spelled vampyre. Yes, we're still human; (not immortal; not dead,) just with a bit extra as I like to say. We feed on energy.. There's two types: psi (also known as pranic) and blood (also known as sanguine). A person can be both. Sanguine vamps take in energy through blood, they get their blood from donors; who are ready, willing, and have been tested for dieases and such in the blood... psi vamps pull energy out of people and into themselves, through visualation. is a very, very good vampyre support site.
by Kaycee December 25, 2004
To drain something, especially encapsulated liquids, in a vicious or seductive manner.
Let's vamp this pinot noir tonight, posthaste!
by Laraness October 07, 2015

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