To survive and continue to live relatively healthily beyond all scientific reasoning.
The word has it's origins in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty with regards to a particular character Vamp, who gets shot in the head with a .45ACP round and lives to run on water, get shot lots more, run up walls etc.
Meatsack 1: Joey fell off the Empire State yesterday.
Meatsack 2: ZOMFG NOWAIZ!! That's terrible!
Meatsack 1: It's ok, he's totally fine. Looks like he pulled a vamp.
by Iriquois April 06, 2008
A nickname for a girl who has vampire-like qualities. One who is rarely seen during the day, gives hickies at night, and has pale skin which is sensitive to the sun.
"Who was that girl you were with last night?"
"Just some vamp, she did a number on my neck though."
by J0EL June 29, 2006
A guy or girl who is usually dressed in gothic clothing. They are not actually a real vampire and because of that they are called vamps as in 'almost vampire'.

Vamps are known to:

1. Show a large intrest in vampires either mythological, or in movies, comic, etc.


2. Express vampire qualities (note: Vampire qualities does not always mean sucking blood).
That girl looks dark but sexy, maybe she's a vamp.
by Bloody Cape January 02, 2005
v. to run one's fingers through a full head of hair, most likely someone else's
Wise words from my mother, "watch out for girls that vamp your hair. they only want one thing... SEX!"
by Lanky A January 18, 2005
Goth is to gothic as vamp is to vampyre.

Someone with dark makeup and/or clothes and/or fangs would be vamped out.
by Heidi April 26, 2005
a vamp is a male or female who likes fuckin virgins to take their virginity and appear as a god in the formor virgin's eyes.
God man that vamp was so good last nite, fin-a-fucking-ly i lost virginity!
by T-Dawg February 24, 2003
Vamp is a style particularily similer to goth.
Yes, vamp is short for vampire, but obviously, as humans we cant be dead and living at the same time, nor be immortal.

Vamps usually have an interest in large chains (such as ones used to hold down trees) and very heavy clothing, usually consisting of chains. (also a gothic style)

Some, but not all vamps enjoy the taste of blood, maybe from biting their lip, or licking blood off of a reopened cut or scab, it's not really nasty, probably just a bad habbit.

Vamps are NOT (or rarely) gay... and people who say they are can kiss my ass.
Your regular weight without clothes on 140 lbs
Your weight after putting traditional vamp clothes on: 150 lbs
by Krayse September 15, 2006

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