Val short for Valium
Let a fella scab some Val
by Petey_Curbs December 08, 2014
The abbreviated name for the store Val Surf.
Yo dawg, did you get that shirt from Val?
by abbreviator 123 September 12, 2010
Not only is Val a girl name but it can also be a guy name :D. He is reliable and can keep secrets fairly well. If your day was crappy he can make you smile by doing the stupidest things. Dont even try to ignore him... it wont work. Somehow he will get you talking ;D
Val-"How was your day?"
Val(in some accent)-"What a punkhole"

you-(start laughing)
by alec col May 15, 2009
A person from The Valley.
She is so stupid. Is she a Val?
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
The world consists of good and evil; ying and yang.
The world and life itself, is good.
To even out all this goodness, there has to be an equal evil.

Thus Val was created.

Some say the balance between good and evil is uneven,
citing that val is much to much compared to the good side.
x: Hey man! Today is such a goooood day!
y: Val.
x: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by elchristobale May 16, 2006
an exaggerated measurement, value or quantity that is absolutely ludicrous, unreal or a hyperbole (in the non-mathematical sense) with regard to its size or magnitude.

this ridiculous measurement was coined by an englishman who drives german automobiles, carries an enlarged left testicle and who turns red at the mere glimpse of sunlight in the morning; the anonymous englishman named the term after an anonymous non-practical woman (typically nearly 30 years of age) with origins from a nation or people celebrated for an austerely realist approach or practical outlook on life
GIRL: I simply cannot sit on a barstool...I had 4000 guys in my bedroom last night (when in-fact, there were only 29 present).

GUY: Gosh, are you sure it wasn't 2,657 guys? You sound like such a Val!!!!!!!

by Tim_undercover<3 July 10, 2008
Valium, trade name of diazepam - it's a tranquiliser, float through customs - ooooooo!
please doctor i am nervous about my exams, can i have some vals, 5s please, and lots of them
by Richard Parker October 03, 2003

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