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A vagina in which the labia, through extended stretch and use, have become floppy, elastic, or rubber-like, similar to the cheeks of a neopolitan mastiff.
Greg: So did you get with that girl?
Jack: I was going to, but when she took her pants off she was sporting massive vajowls. Kind of a turn off.
Greg: So...did you get with that girl?
Jack: ...Yes.
by Gunpowder February 18, 2009
vaginal tissue SO redundant that upon placement of tight garments, tissue drapes into an elongated, pendulous cameltoe
Amy really ought to wear more comfortable, roomy pants since when she wears those, her vajowls are in plain sight and remind me of my saint bernard when he is sad
by howzay May 16, 2008
A person with such terrible botox their lips look like a swollen vagina. Commonly associated with guidos, guidettes and people with orange skin.
Angela gets botox so much the vajowl that is her mouth should have a censor bar over it.
by methlabpolitiks July 08, 2012
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