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A vaginal growth on the scrotum of a male rendering the balls ineffective.
He can't come out drinking with us tonight, he has a bad case of vagitis that needs to be treated.
by CaptainRedeye June 04, 2003
In gay man's terms, "The condition of 'pussying' out of meeting someone at the last minute; also known as 'flake syndrome.'" It is usually accompanied by a case of the "never hear from him again's."
Tom was supposed to meet Jake for the first time yesterday, but he came down with "Vagitis," and said that he couldn't come. Jake said it was shortly followed by the "never heard from him again's."

The Public Service Announcement would state, "Only YOU can prevent pussies!"
by Coogs315 January 04, 2014
refering to any type of STD that a girl might have. Basically implying she's a dirty slut.
Damnit, i went to a frat house and now i have some nasty vagitis.
The shower stinks like someone has vagitis.
I bet that ratty tatty has vagitis.
by Linda yu June 04, 2006
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