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A vaginal growth on the scrotum of a male rendering the balls ineffective.
He can't come out drinking with us tonight, he has a bad case of vagitis that needs to be treated.
by CaptainRedeye June 04, 2003
character in the cartoon Sweet Cuppin Cakes that always makes his appearance to drop his signature line... EH! STEVE!
I'll get you EH! STEVE if its the last thing i DOOOOOOOOO!
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
see also champu

a vag so huge, it is of dinasaur size
Man, that champu is such a vagasaur
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
standing in the corner with your head down dancing because you are IN SHAME!!!
That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I'm friends with Fremo, you owe me a shame dance!
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
anal pubes with digel berries in 'em
dude, wipe your ass, ore your gonna have dingel pubes
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
see also vagasaur

crazy ass bald dude that jumps out of airplanes for the hell of it and gets 100%'s on all his tests without even trying
man, that fucker champu whooped my ass on that exam, then jumped out of a perfectly good airplane
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
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