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6 definitions by CaptainRedeye

A vaginal growth on the scrotum of a male rendering the balls ineffective.
He can't come out drinking with us tonight, he has a bad case of vagitis that needs to be treated.
by CaptainRedeye June 04, 2003
14 8
character in the cartoon Sweet Cuppin Cakes that always makes his appearance to drop his signature line... EH! STEVE!
I'll get you EH! STEVE if its the last thing i DOOOOOOOOO!
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
8 4
see also champu

a vag so huge, it is of dinasaur size
Man, that champu is such a vagasaur
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
7 5
standing in the corner with your head down dancing because you are IN SHAME!!!
That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I'm friends with Fremo, you owe me a shame dance!
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
0 0
anal pubes with digel berries in 'em
dude, wipe your ass, ore your gonna have dingel pubes
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
9 15
see also vagasaur

crazy ass bald dude that jumps out of airplanes for the hell of it and gets 100%'s on all his tests without even trying
man, that fucker champu whooped my ass on that exam, then jumped out of a perfectly good airplane
by CaptainRedeye June 02, 2003
8 18