One who has never experienced and does not wish to experience male intimacy.
After seeing Tom leaving the hotel with another man, Carmela reported Tom was not a vagitarian.
by Brenjamin April 28, 2007
Another term for a lesbian.
I love vagitarian movies.
by jeff peters February 07, 2005
A homosexual female. A play on words of vegetarian and oral sex.
Have you seen her with her new girlfriend? They are such vagitarians!
by falconate May 10, 2011
1.Someone who enjoys eating vagina. 3. A lesbian
When we have sex, he insists on being a strict vagitarian
by Daryl Lick November 12, 2010
A Lesbian.
That woman is a Vagitarian. She does not like meat. She only likes Vagina.
by Rik.London January 21, 2009
generally a vulgar term used to refer to a lesbian
I think Jennifer is a vagitarian; I only ever see her out with women.
by learning2letgo January 20, 2009
A person who chooses never to "eat" vagina.
Cindy was hoping that her boyfriend would eat her out, but it turned out that he was a vagitarian.
by mexicanduck August 07, 2011

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