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To turn one into (or out of) a vagina. The term can signify the transition of an individual or object into a literal vagina, or into the symbolic and colloquial "pussy" (meaning a sissy, weener or just a fukin vagina). The term originated back in the 1780's when sourcerer merlin was the first ever to vaginify an individual. Many had attempted this feat in the past, but unsuccesfully. Many thought sourcerer merlin had this uncanny ability because his parents vaginified his leg as a baby, and donkeys would come from far across the land to sniff his vaginified leg. His mission to vaginify became known, and the concept spread across all of england, eventually reaching egypt, and fucking pharaoh up the leg.
Holy shit Fred, you just vaginified that rock!


If you don't stand up to that bully, I'll vaginify you into mince meat soup!

Did you get vaginified? or are you just a FAG
by bentrefler June 02, 2009
To Vaginify means to make something or someone more feminine. Often happens when a homosexual man gets a television show, but is not limited to this.
Craig was gone for at least a week before coming back to the bar. He was completly Vaginified. His wife made him watch every episode of Will and Grace, a show known to Vaginify any man within 50 feet of it.
by 479er December 05, 2010

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