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An adjective describing something extremely great or unbelievable.
Dude, that soccer game was so vaginalicious!
by Spyder1990 November 18, 2006
A little bit tangy but still sweet.
Hey honey, did you eat one of those peaches, it was vaginalicious.
by kuromaru August 25, 2010
When someone is disgustingly attractive.
Oh my god Lizzy is just so Vaginalicious.

Oh my god look how Vaginalicious Anne got.
by Abortion Lover 2010 April 27, 2010
the equivalent to bootylicious in reference to the vagina.

a woman possessing a very large vagina.

a woman who has a big ego deriving from her vaginal region, much like men towards their penises.
"Damn! She vaginalicious nigga!"

"Oh shit son, you see her crotch? She's vaginalicious."

"fuck, she so egocentric.. she vaginalicous!"
by cool ass bitch May 20, 2004

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