The box a penis comes in!
Her vagina tingled
by ZERO the Anti-Hero March 08, 2010
A rare sea mammal said to live in the depths of the ocean. no one has actually ever seen a vagina but they have been comonly mentioned in myths and legends. flava flav is hugely responsible for the publicity of the vagina.
Wow i have never actually seen a vagina it must be magical. Only an erin would know.
by UhalexhIgh February 01, 2010
icky flabs of sliced turkey
Guy: Hey, did you see her vagina?

Other Guy: Yeah it looked like it had a cooties/ slash a wrinkled man's face.
by poopershnackle May 23, 2013
An inverted Penis
Person 1: You have such a Trent
Person 2: I have a Corey, You just have a Vagina.
by EsDood December 23, 2011
The box a penis comes in.
What is the definition of "Vagina"? It's the box the penis comes in.
by mrwebbjr June 02, 2011
A place some of you never will visit (maybe if you pay for it)
"That guy will never enter a vagina"
by afrobear February 20, 2009
The Vagina is a mythical creature that is rumored too live between a woman's legs.
"There have been several vagina sightings in the past year, but so far none have been proved conclusively as evidence towards the existence of vaginas."
by EL JACO January 13, 2008

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