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1. Abbreviation of Vaginal Fart.
2. A person, like a vaginal fart, is just full of hot air.
3. Someone who brings nothing to the table.

Related Words: Queef
1. Dude, my girl let out wicked vagfarts when I was pounding her.
2. Yo, my man, quit making shit up, you look like a vagfart.
3. Why don't you just die? You degenerate vagfart!
by LIMFEVER January 06, 2005
When the women's discharge makes a wet farty noise and sprays the bloke with fish syrup.
Jacob: "Alright mate?"
Aidan: "Alright mate?"
Jacob: "I got sprayed by a Vag Fart"
Aidan: "Alright mate?"
by Aidob October 17, 2009
When air from your ass gets pushed up through your vagina and it feels like youre farting through your vagina. It is actually physically impossible to make a genuine vag fart unless your ass and vaginal canals are connected. Then youd be shitting through your vagina. A vag fart is also know as a queef.
Person 1:Oh look I just made a vag fart!
Person 2: How did it feel?
Person 1: weird but crisp and refreshing
by Mimono July 21, 2010
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