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1. Abbreviation of Vaginal Fart.
2. A person, like a vaginal fart, is just full of hot air.
3. Someone who brings nothing to the table.

Related Words: Queef
1. Dude, my girl let out wicked vagfarts when I was pounding her.
2. Yo, my man, quit making shit up, you look like a vagfart.
3. Why don't you just die? You degenerate vagfart!
by LIMFEVER January 06, 2005
20 7
When the women's discharge makes a wet farty noise and sprays the bloke with fish syrup.
Jacob: "Alright mate?"
Aidan: "Alright mate?"
Jacob: "I got sprayed by a Vag Fart"
Aidan: "Alright mate?"
by Aidob October 17, 2009
10 3
When air from your ass gets pushed up through your vagina and it feels like youre farting through your vagina. It is actually physically impossible to make a genuine vag fart unless your ass and vaginal canals are connected. Then youd be shitting through your vagina. A vag fart is also know as a queef.
Person 1:Oh look I just made a vag fart!
Person 2: How did it feel?
Person 1: weird but crisp and refreshing
by Mimono July 21, 2010
7 8