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Term for the penus and vagina. Usually to symbolize transvestite with both organs.
I don't think I'd do her, she has a vagenus, you know.
by CallMeKenzi May 05, 2009
noun. the region of a woman's anatomy encompassing both the vagina and anus, and all additional parts betwixt
For those who enjoy performing both cunnilingus and analingus, the vagenus is a banquet of pleasures for the palate.
by Dragon Prince November 15, 2007
A vagina and a penis
Brad: Hey look, Carrie has a vagenus!
Carrie: No I don't! Okay... maybe I do. It's just because I got a sexual transplant or you can call it a transgender surgery. It wasn't supposed to be half coochee, half wiener. I had to get the surgery because I was born with a wiener and I couldn't live with it. It's so hard to pee. Those dang Asians messed me up. I had to pay 6.5 million dollars for this dang surgery. I'm so embarrassed.
by floopy765 February 27, 2008
The combination of vagina and uterus, which is what women use to rule the world.
Bobby: "Kyle this girl keeps calling me Billy and won't stop".

Kyle: "It's because she has a vagenus."
Bobby: "Oh ok. I get it now."
by KYLEHARRIS24 January 08, 2010