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Shortened version of vagina.
Variant of vaj
the vajj is so old-school, i'm an anal-only type of guy.
by tre March 08, 2005
209 89
vagina, mons veneris, mound of Venus, vulva, pussy, breakfast
I spent a fortnight downtown; she had the sweetest va-jj.
by Stephanie June 05, 2003
416 56
A slang word for a vagina. Only said to hot chicks.
She must have a nice clean Va-j-j.
by BeeRant July 23, 2006
477 134
Vagina. Generally a slang or euphemism to down pla the fact that you're talking about a vagina.
yeah, so, iunno bro, you hit that va-j-j yet?
by bob owns life February 08, 2006
388 47
hey can you give me some of your va j j?
by gucci ey March 19, 2009
395 65
the part of a female, that is used for pleasure, and reproduction. Men crave to be inn it. some women shove foreign objects in them. If not cleaned properly it may smell like rotten fish.
Brennas va-jj smells like fish.

did she just shove that in her va-jj?
by Jessie Annticipation June 17, 2008
378 48
a short way to say a womens vagina.
mmm did you get a good look at that chicks va jj :)
by /< 3 ! ! '/ January 25, 2007
373 58
A feminine quality, a personal organ than makes you a female, your vagina.
The doc had to look at my Va JJ today.
by Barbara Sobrinksi May 17, 2006
345 41