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Originally taken from the combat flight simming community but now applies to all combat MMOs. Generally vTards arrive in large numbers and attack suicidally to overwhelm base defenders and acomplish their goal no matter what the cost before moving on to the next undefended base.
The vTards just ran NOE into the port and took it in two minutes.
by lonely defender May 08, 2011
One who has not attained carnal knowledge.
Cynthia is such a v-tard, she says she's waiting until marriage.
by the hymenator2 July 15, 2009
virgin or sexually retarded
That Travis Jurell is such a v-tard
by snookiiieee January 30, 2010
General officer (usually USAFNG) that doesn't follow the advice of his trusted staff officers, violates ethics laws, and subsequently gets himself fired.
Did you see what that V-tard did today?
by just another staff officer June 24, 2011
Video manipulator who composes music environments live and on the fly in 24-bit digital imagery.

Alternative to the word VJ.
Fat Butcher is a vtard from the East End.
by F@ Butcher July 10, 2008

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