That little thingy inside your mouth that looks like a mini tounge.
I chopped off my own uvula to use it as a mini replica for my miniature human organ collection. I rule!
by Puffin May 15, 2005
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The dangly thingi in the back of your mouth, needed for ulalating, or vibrating your words.
I cut off my uvula and sewed it where my penis used to be, I'm freaking awsome.
by Uvula Penis February 04, 2007
that dangly thing in the back of your neck.
gag reflix.
Jill: I must press my uvula to be a skinnier person.
by simoneasaursrex June 19, 2011
The clitoris (or the G-spot) of your mouth. But the feeling it gives if you touch it is like hell. Stimulating it with your fingers will cause you to cu..uh, I mean vomit.
I was so drunk yesterday where I became so nauseous, but I couldn't fucking vomit. What I did is fingered the back part of my mouth for minutes, the uvula until I vomited.
by separated by commas June 19, 2011
that dangly thing in the back of your mouth
he touched his uvula and threw up.
by somebodyz0r September 05, 2005
A word that Timmykins uses entirely too much.
Your mom looks like an uvula.
by pebbleso February 09, 2010

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