A utopia is the ideal state of society in which every human need is adressed. The is no social or physical deprivity and humanity is free to grow and flourish at its leisure. There is no opression, war, poverty, famine, or social distress or racism. Although it is higly unlikely that humanity will reach a true utopia it is possible to better living conditions to be close to one.
It would be entierly possible to achieve a social state close to that of a utopia by the complete mechanization of labor and production. If all goods and services are produced by robots, humanity will be free from the maintenece of infrastructure and thus be able to rid itsself from all of the things mentioned above, something remenicient of the book Utopia by Issac Asimov
by X-45B23 July 13, 2006
(n.)A perfect place that does not exist, there for it's not perfect.
Person1: Eyyy maaannnnnh, you wanna go to utopia back at mahh place?
by kiki3247 September 28, 2009
An argument used in debate to denote a world that is free from ills.
That's a utopian argument -- if it were a perfect world, international conflicts wouldn't exist.
by Ecliptic November 22, 2003
Todd Rundgrin's old band - like anyone cares
My Utopia album is older than my kid's English teacher.
by DonH October 02, 2003
Watch the series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and take your own conclusions.
by 2112 October 22, 2003
1)a place of total perfection made up by deluded religius or political zealots
2)a word plagerized by fruit drink companies
3)where you go when your high
by alex July 08, 2003
Anarchy would be utopian. A perfect society, were everyone lives in peace without a central government.
Anarchy does not mean chaos
by Tuesday October 07, 2003
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