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A legal seperation of the hearts and assets.

AKA I hate you; it's over; get the fuck out; that is all your shit, the rest is mine, you got too fat, I met someone new.
Tom came home after a 3 day crack binge to find all his clothes piled on his wife's front lawn partially burnt as the police served him a with a restraining order obtained by his crackhead wife who had been on a 5 day binge the week before.
by zeus_daughter2 August 31, 2003
1) A suckbutt online game that causes errors on any Windows XP program.

2) A crackhead who smokes crack until the feeling of joy overcomes the feeling of being a loser who really can't pay their monthly rent fees.
1) This game sucks

2) Don't worry baby I found a great cardboard box by the dumpster yesterday with some curtains it will be so cute!
by zeus_daughter2 August 31, 2003
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