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Anarchy would be utopian. A perfect society, were everyone lives in peace without a central government.
Anarchy does not mean chaos
by Tuesday October 07, 2003
Scenester cookie-cutter girls, so named for their short brown or black hairdos and propensity for heavy eyeliner application. Never taller than 5'7", the typical brownie is usually around 5'4".

Other distinguishing characteristics include: bad DIY fashion, asymmetrical hair and shirts, 100-length cigarettes, misusing big words, being a hairstylist or shopgirl, and not being pretty when the makeup is washed off.

Brownies are most prevalent on the East Coast, but gravitate to urban centers and "scenes" such as L.A. and Chicago.
"He only dates brownies, I can never tell them apart."
by Tuesday September 09, 2004

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