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"USS" stands for United States Ships also knowing as "USN" which stands for United States Navy. United States Ships are mostly owned by the Navy and United States Marine Corps, the boats are used for Seaborne operations, info, and flying out their aircraft. United States Ships had a big plot in the Cold War. The U.S. Navy currently has nearly 342,000 personnel on active duty and 129,634 in the Navy Reserve, it has 276 ships in active service and more than 4,000 aircraft.
Officer 1: Man! Did you see the USS over at the Department of the Navy?
Officer 2: Yeah, soon we'll be working on one of their Ships.
by Violette .A May 27, 2007
Abbreviated name for a band called Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker.
Yesterday we were listening to a song called N/A Okay by a band called Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker... but if you're of a short mind they're also called USS.
by mrdonn June 04, 2011
More than two people in a group, when used by a person from said group.
"Today IS the three of us's day, isn't it?"
by GT/KL April 28, 2007
the thing you will see on boats. it means United States Ship
lets sail on the USS poseidon
by alex14 August 20, 2006
Usually a slang/abbreviated term for vagina, uss can be used in a hurtful manner against others.

In addition, it clearly defines this kid, Chris B., that I work with.
Chris B. is such an uss; he's afraid to do anything.
by BryanPF April 19, 2006
To haggle a price down by a significant amount of money
That German wanted $60 for that T.V. but i ussed him down to $20
by Poops_1414 November 15, 2012
woman's sexual organ; short for pussy.
Give me some of dat uss, bee-yatch.
by S Donahue January 15, 2004
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