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A word assosiated with how one rates an objects usefulness, usability.
Q: "So, how's the usability of this Cut'n'Slice-A-Matic©?"
A: "It's a fairly high usability object, Bob".
A: "Not sold in stores, Bob, cuz it's a piece of shit":
by Crapper McGee January 24, 2004
11 1
n. the existence or degree of the ability to be used or put into operation
The shattered bits of discarded beer bottles offer very little usability for those who drive; why, then, do people insist on throwing them on the streets?
by Chantizzle January 21, 2004
4 3
The degree of ineptitude which a country's military displays. Usually defined as number of casualties that said army suffers after the country's leader delares that war is over.
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being completely bungled, America's USability in Iraq has been about a 100,000.
by uncle_class January 26, 2004
1 8