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ursline academy (aka URSLUT...biggest whores ever. they think they're so hot but really they look like dead horses. except a selected few. they're such trashy whores. they randomly ask around for condoms in the middle of classes! wtf is that! the majority of them have orange skin and spend most of their time in tanning beds...they're building is a peice of SHIT honestly, have you ever seen it? check it out man you'll laugh your asses off. theyre getting a new gym though..."exactly" like the one at st. joes! YEAH THEY WANNA BE US!!!!!!!!!!!! peace out ursluts...go suck some guys off you walking STD's. p.s. why dont you all go take naked pictures of yourself and let them get out to the whole city of st. louis! or maybe you and your FEMALE COUSIN can finger eachother! AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA ((L.E.))
those ursuline bitches got nothin on us...cept genital warts! AHAHHAHAH. STD-infected SLUTS!!!!
by SUCK A FATTY, B May 09, 2005
Ursuline is possibly the best girls school. This school is the opposite of anything bad said about Nerinx. Nerinx is not cool. Ursuline has some preppy girls, and punk girls, and every type of girls! Y'all shouldnt hate because you arent cool enough to go to Ursuline.
Hot Guy: Man I need a girlfriend like hellas.
Sexy Boy: Dude, me too.
Hot Guy: Lets go see if any Ursuline girls are single. They're the hottest.
Sexy Boy: Seriously.. all those Nerinx girls and St. Joes Ho's suckkkk.
by TYYYSSSONN April 28, 2005
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