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When one urinates off a place of high altitude, where as such, it will freeze while achieving decreased altitude. Thereby, one is left with an icicle made of urine that is oftentimes deadly.
"How far do you think a woman can pee? I mean, if you drank a lot and held it in, would the pressure of it cause it to go further? Wait! If the woman lays on her back and aims her urine stream at a 45 degree angle, wouldn't it achieve maximum distance? Even better! If she pees off a bridge, it will fall and achieve greater distance! NO! Off Mt. Everest! If she pees off Mt. Everest, it will go further than everything! Yea! Especially because the temperature is so cold and it is falling so fast, it will freeze! INTO A URINESICLE! But... But then... If someone is standing underneath this speeding urinesicle, do you think it could kill them? And if it could, would it be the urea in the bloodstream or the puncture wound that would kill them? FIELD TRIP!"
by chrishat February 20, 2008
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