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any city dwelling human who totally relies on the service industry of grocery, restaurant, corner market or fast food to eat. . . and would be totally lost and eventually die from either eating raw roadkill or shot for stealing food from someone else if the service industry were to fail.

urbavores, though able to make meals, are unable to hunt, kill and clean any animal and most likely cannot grow their own vegetables or fruits properly, and would have died off even less than one hundred years ago.
Chuck - I see you went to McDonalds, again, for dinner.

Steve - I got the Big Mac with fries this time. . . the quarter pounder can be so bad for you.

Chuck - You are most definetely an urbavore. . . you're lucky it isnt 1859 or I'd shoot you in my garden. . . if a bear didn't eat you first.
by Harry Day December 28, 2009
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someone who constantly checks on so they may sound cool in the presence of company
steve: yea so I went to this party and this douche and his niglet friend brushed there horse on my leg while I was trying to get jiggy with this chica who was going to let me into her giggy, so i tracked these rats down at there place and shoved a brick up there clown lips, which then I proceeded to sock pirate their drawers.

Bob: wow until I truly understand what you just said,...I have come to the conclusion that you are a urbavore
by The street Leodonis August 05, 2008
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