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Someone who either

1. Adds their own name to Urbandictionary, describing it as "very cool person etc"

2. Adds their (online) enemy's name to Urbandictionary, describing it as "biggest turd on the planet etc"

Urbantools are to be hunted down and punished severely.
It's less fun to browse Urbandictionary with all these urbantools adding dumb bullshit that is relevant only to them and, at most, three other people.
by Damstoner November 03, 2008
URBAN TOOL is an Austrian label which has been creating innovative design concepts in the range of “IT-Accessories, wearable technology emotional electronics” since 2004. The company specializes in developing and marketing smart product solutions to carry personal items like e.g. cell phone, iPod, wallet or keys comfortably and close to the body in everyday life. URBAN TOOL focuses on a user-centered, unconventional and emotional approach to IT and was therefore already awarded numerous international prizes.
Wear your Entertainment with smart and stylisch URBAN TOOL holsters, bags and wearable technology.
by URBAN TOOL June 10, 2010
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