1) A group of more-or-less anonymous people who are pretty much the only line of defense for this site to prevent it from being totally abused. They are pretty much the only thing between you and about 50 million explicit, pornographic, abusive, misogynistic, racist, or just plain stupid entries.
Editors have specific guidelines they must follow. However, these are often vague (especially if it's hard to tell, for example, if a term is just explaining a racial slur, or if it is in fact racist).
If your definition doesn't get published, it could be for one of two reasons:
A) It wasn't that good or
B) Someone just didn't like it for some reason.

In that case, try again...
However, bitching about them probably won't help.
1)Person: "OMG! Those evil facist urbandictionary editors rejected my entry! They suck!!!!"
Other person: "Get a life."
by andriod5 March 24, 2006
1. they are assholes douche bags who denied my freedome of speech!
2. loosers with no lives who just sit there and deny people there freedom of speech!
Zach:Wow, i sure hope urban dictionary editors publish my definitions i sure want to spread my new word to everyone in the world!
Urban dictionary editors: fuck you douche bag we dont like your word even though other people might love it we dont like it so we wont publish it! we are cock sucking cum gargling faggots!
by anti cencorship! April 16, 2009
A group of extremely stupid dumbfucks who sit on their asses and choose which entries to publish to urbandictionary.com. They often publish very useless and stupid entries that do not make sense, but choose not to publish some things that are hilarious and informative. Remember, as stated above, they are extremely unintelligent and should not have too much strain put on their small brains at any given time.
Dude, those Urban Dictionary Editors declined my awesome coondawg000 deegert entry last night, but published some entry that defined Justin Bieber as "the act of having extremely small genetelia"

Wow bro that is so typical of those retards
by SupernovaSunset September 11, 2010
The one thing that stands between the masses and the ramblings of pre-pubescent, ghetto-homeboys. This title is easily obtained, but is a public service that the community should use more often, which would keep at least some idiocies off the internet.

Fortunately, most editors have common sense and abide by the rules, although one can be sure that not all do.
Urban Dictionary Editor is a really important job... They need to keep the junk out!
F0 sh0 n1gg4!
by Kevitto August 07, 2007
A group of self-righteous assclowns who allow all manner of racist, sexist, elitist, and otherwise offensive terms to be published (helping to keep these terms stay around), but refuse to allow many terms that were created out of harmless fun. Granted it would take up time and space to admit some of these just-for-fun defintions which serve no real purpose, but when I see dozens of slurs and other offensive terms, it is yet one more shred of proof that people are shit.
My definitions were not published, although they were harmless, because the urbandictionary editors were too busy adding variants of all kinds of hateful words, so much so that there are 50+ variants of the same one. I don't care how much of a loser you think I am, fuck you.
by fading antihippy March 30, 2009
Total Fucking Retards with no real lifes to live. This is what they do for 'kicks'. What a bunch of Fucking Nerds!
Urban Dictionary Editors are totaly fucking retarded, no life nerds!
by KissMyAssEditors February 05, 2010

2. A person apointed to chose wich definitions are good and totally suck.
Me: I felt special when I signed up to be part of the urbandictionary editors, but then I realized that thousands, if not millions, could be an editor too....lol.
by Truth904 May 07, 2006
A group of any number of UD enthusiasts who moderate which definitions will be allowed. They sometimes lack good judgment. Ex: There are a million definitions about some gay shit called football and apparent debates about which type of "football" is better. However, all too often, submitted definitions which are truly risible, inventive, original, properly spelled and punctuated are rejected.
Some of the Urban Dictionary editors probably should not be Urban Dictionary editors.
by himguy October 22, 2006
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