A pair of Air Force Ones by Nike.

Origin:New York
Yo those Up Towns are nice.
by Jonathan Morales December 29, 2004
An area of a small town called Wilmington,MA where the crew there pre-games more harder than most crews party people from uptown have been known to be loud rowdy and often kicked out of partys poeple know not to fuck with anyone from here because the majority of them are legally insane people from up-town is more than just a crew its a family
yo dont fuck with that kid

why not

hes from UP-TOWN

ohh shit
by uptownwilmy June 05, 2007
the area where the kids of wildwood, edgebrook, and other northwest neighborhoods hang out. these kids are social-climbers.

social-climber: a person who finds the need to hang out with a person of higher social status than you, until they are at the top of the pyramid.

average day uptown:

going to a restaurant, and then walking around in a field of grass for 3+ hours taking pictures with people you barely know to make yourself feel better about yourself. these pics are then posted on Instagram, and get sometimes over 200 likes. these girls usually buy their followers.

typical winter apparel (female) :
1. hoodie from Victoria's Secret "Pink" or a high-school hoodie, preferably a high school for boys, because THAT makes sense.
2. leggings
3. sparkly ugg boots
they also have to have their hair straightened and loads of makeup, because fuck originality, right?

typical summer apparel (female) :
1. crop top that could fit your 2-year-old cousin named Lucy
2. denim shorts that are at least 2 sizes too small.

or sometimes girls like to wear spandex shorts because....."THOTEST IS HOTTEST!!" (i just came up with that ahahaha)

oh and for guys they wear either khaki or basketball shorts, even when it's 20 degrees out.

girls and boys ALWAYS need their Nike Elite Socks and Sperry's.
Hannah: Let's go Uptown!!
Sara: OMG totally!!
Hannah: Let's take a bunch of pictures and buy our likes to try to get a bunch of likes so people are jealous!!
Sara: *Takes pictures with everyone trying to act high and chill*
by urbananswerer July 21, 2014
Short for University Place, a totally badass little city of about 45000 right to the South of Tacoma, Washington. It's used somewhat ironically as ghetto slang, since UP is an affluent suburban community.
Kohl reps UP-Town Hard.
We ball the mean streets of UP-town.
The UP-town ghetto is the crappy apartments that I used to walk through to get to Cam's house.
People that leave UP-Town always remember it fondly for its unique character.
by Blaine Harrier November 04, 2006
a refreshing non-alcoholic drink which is half sweet ice tea and half lemonade...popular in NY/NJ
I went to John's restaurant and had an uptown to drink with my dinner.
by coupy1000 February 24, 2011
Very similar to the "Upper Decker" an Uptown is when you take a crap AND a piss in the top tank of said toilet. Use with caution.

When the victim uses the toilet next, they will flush and the toilet water will be turned a nasty yellowy-brown

(Make sure to wiggle the toilet first because you do not want to fall over)
Tom: Dude this party sucks!

Joe: Yeah man, I think I might go take an Uptown in this dudes toilet

Tom: Hell yeah!
by The Uptowner July 20, 2010
Uptown refers to above 86 street but more above 96 street on the West side of Manhattan mainly from amsterdam avenue streets to about morning side park to the east and 125 to the North which becomes Harlem.

Kurious Jorge, a half Cuban, half Boricua mc from Manhattan Valley, the small Latin ghetto sandwhiched between Central Park and Upper West side. He first came out with some local NY hits like "Uptown Sh*t"
by Facts7 April 30, 2007

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