Uptown refers to above 86 street but more above 96 street on the West side of Manhattan mainly from amsterdam avenue streets to about morning side park to the east and 125 to the North which becomes Harlem.

Kurious Jorge, a half Cuban, half Boricua mc from Manhattan Valley, the small Latin ghetto sandwhiched between Central Park and Upper West side. He first came out with some local NY hits like "Uptown Sh*t"
by Facts7 April 30, 2007
another name for coke. just like yayo, tony, and snow.
"Yo dog lets go get some up town and ghostbuster this blunt."
by Sanjurjo August 22, 2006
"Uptown" is when a guy (male) makes it with an older woman who is at least 10 years older than him. If he is going to have intercourse, he is "Goin Uptown" on the older woman.
"I'm goin uptown tonight bro with that bitch from the bank"

"Bobby went uptown on us. He's now banging the bag from the bank"
by mymamasbigass November 20, 2007
cocaine, or less specifically, any high energy drugs
i went downtown last night to buy some uptown.
by JakeDog May 23, 2006
the place where all the white guys from the depot (i.e. dogfuckers) go, nowhere near uptown, but compared to whoreleons some guys think it is. Lately one guy from
whoreleons go there to work, but the white guys don't think he last too long, all days he complain THE COFFEE TOO WEAK,
guy, GUY, we needs to send more guys uptowns...... I guess it's dum dum's turn
by BDPHAC January 28, 2005

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